Introducing the June 2020 release,”Full“, a noisy electronic experimental ambient soundscape EP.

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Plates in the Sky

Chris Heinisch of Plates in the Sky
CM Heinisch

Plates in the Sky is an experimental electronic solo endeavor. Using modular synthesizers, effects, drum machines and keyboards, Chris Heinisch performs noise, musique concrète and ambient sets which sometimes swerve to electronic dance music.

About CM Heinisch

Chris was raised in Chicago and Michigan and has been musical since the age of 4, singing and playing chord organ and by 5th grade trumpet and piano. Chris has explored many musical projects including other instruments, vocals, recording and experimentation.

Chris was a working musician in Chicago for seven years, playing with various musicians. They started the band Apartment, a cabaret chamber punk sextet.Chris wrote and arranged most of the songs. Chris has collaborated with Marvin Tate (D-settlement, Joseph C. Mills,the Black Monks of Mississippi), “Tuba Joe” Exley (ABC, BBC, Mindy Kaling’s Late Night), performance artist Natalie Brewster Nguyen (Cirque Roots, La Pocha Nostra, Girlesque Burlesque), Caila Lipovsky (Second City, NYC Fringe Festival) and Leroy Bach (Liz Phair, Wilco, Andrew Bird, Iron and Wine).

Additionally Chris has provided theatrical sound design for shows in New York and Chicago. Chris has also performed at Lady Fest Midwest, Girlesque Burlesque and the Estrogen Festival.

Chris moved to Tucson in 2006. Chris and Joseph De La Rosa started Gamma Like Very Ultra (GLVU), a tape collage, noise, bass and synth duo , which ultimately morphed into a trio featuring bass, drums,and keyboards/synths with occasional trumpet. GLVU perform in Tucson occasionally.


CHICAGO, IL (too many to list)

The Double Door

Empty Bottle

Hot House

Fireside Lounge

Elastic Arts


Old Town School of Folk Music

Bottom Lounge

Elbo Room


Schuba’s Tavern

Gold Dollar Bar – Detroit MI

Touring around the Midwest 



Club Congress

Solar Culture

Splinter Brothers & Sisters Warehouse

Hang Art

Surly Wench Pub

Sky Bar

Dry River

Red Room

Desert Island Records




Chris Heinisch of Plates in the Sky




apartment playing the hothouse in Chicago



* “Part jazz, part math rock, part electro pop, the album is frenetic and jammy in all the right ways—keeping it interesting despite being strictly instrumental.”

– Heather Hoch – Tucson Weekly

*”The group is clearly influenced by musicians and bands who regularly get called avant garde, and you can add Gamma Like Very Ultra to that list. The problem with some of those acts is that they tend to take themselves a bit too seriously. That isn’t the case with Gamma Like Very Ultra, who seem to be having an awful lot of fun, fucking around with sounds, rhythms and the soft-loud dynamic.”  Full Review

– Stephen Seigal  – Tucson Weekly



*As for the notes and musical tones, the sextet — made up of four ladies and two guys — proudly declares itself as “unclassifiable.” They then go on to tell people it’s “OK to like them.” So who would like them? Mostly those who like their music on the dark side, with a bit of twistedness thrown in for fun. Apartment is eerie to the core.

– Ann Heppermann – Venus Magazine

* When critics write that a band “defies categorization,” it usually just means that the string of hyphens would be too ugly. The Chicago sextet apartment fleshes out lyricist Caila Lipovsky’s literary scatological and sexual texts and keyboardist Christine Heinisch’s new-wave cabaret ditties with guitar, cello, drums, and a tuba for a fractured, theatrical, and sometimes sinister (but not goth) stew of strident witty art punk.”

– Monica Kendrick – The Chicago ЯEADER

*”For the next hour, Lipovsky and her band, Apartment, threw themselves into a maddeningly offbeat and brilliant set unlike anything that I’ve ever seen. Thrilling, funny, demented, and acerbic, Apartment is arty and rude, satiric and low-minded, and altogether nuts….

Review of July 26th Windy City Radio Showcase @ Nevin’s Live By Vern Hester of the Windy City Times

*”To accurately give a description of Apartment’s music, you have to let your mind wrap itself around the performance art nature with which vocalist Caila Lipovsky and keyboardist/vocalist Christine Heinisch, who also acts as principal songwriters for the band, attack their sound…. There is a charmingly dark, theatrical, witty overtone to both the lyrics and the execution of the various musicians on this disc….What Apartment does with this disc will be anyone’s guess; the creativity and talent is nearly overwhelming, so much so that if that dark sense of humor wasn’t present, it would be over the top….”

– Heidi Drockelman  – Indie